Captain Munnerlyn: Vikings have not arrived yet

The Minnesota Vikings remain in prime playoff positioning with eight wins. However, in two of their biggest tests of the season, they've failed miserably.

Two weeks ago the Vikingsgot lambasted at home 30-13 by rival Green Bay Packers. Sunday, Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks embarrassed them.

"Some guys think we arrived and we (have) not," corner Captain Munnerlyn said after the 38-7 loss, via the Minnesota Star Tribune.

"Those guys came out and did whatever they wanted to do. We got our tail kicked," added Munnerlyn. "We didn't have no fight in this game."

Sunday, the Vikings were outcoached and outplayed in every facet, as Adrian Peterson matter-of-factly put it.

Yes, they were without their top three defensive players, but that doesn't explain the offensive ineptitude.

Even with the disappointing loss, the Vikings remain the No. 5 seed, with a two-game lead over the non-playoff field. Minnesota has a bout with the second-seeded Arizona Cardinals next week and closes out the season at Green Bay after home tilts with the Bears and Giants. Splitting the rest of the season should get them in the playoffs, but without improvements, they're in for a quick playoff exit -- possibly at the hands of the Packers, again.

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