Can't-Miss Plays of Week 9

Marshawn Lynch sheds three tacklers on a game-clinching 56-yard touchdown run against the Bengals.

   Larry Johnson's catch and run on a screen pass helped make 
  Chiefs one of Week 9's best games. 

Antonio Cromartie couldn't have run any farther on a record-setting, 109-yard return of a missed field goal.

   There haven't been many highlights for the 
  Bengals of late, but Glenn Holt helped fill the team's highlight reel with this great return. 

Maurice Jones-Drew did his part to help keep the Jaguars within striking distance of the high-scoring Saints.

Leon Washington's kickoff return was 14 yards short of being one of the 100-yarders of Week 9, but that doesn't mean it was short on thrills.

   For the second consecutive week, Lee Evans has turned in a "can't-miss play." This one comes on a titillating tip-toe touchdown. 
   Reggie Williams runs by the 
  Saints defense and races toward the end zone for an 80-yard touchdown catch. 
   For the second consecutive week, a Brett Favre-to- 
  Greg Jennings TD pass resulted in a game-winning, "can't-miss" moment. 
   Gary Brackett tips and picks off a 
  Tom Brady pass, setting up a 
  Colts touchdown in Sunday's showdown. 
   Joseph Addai makes the most of a short pass, weaving through the 
  Patriots defense for a scintillating score. 

Nate Burleson continued a great day for the NFL's return specialists with this punt return for a touchdown.

   Sage Rosenfels-to-Andre Davis won't strike fear in the hearts of many defenses, but the 
  Raiders learned the duo can be dangerous. 

Jason Witten shows rugged toughness by rambling 53 yards after losing his helmet against the Eagles.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger shakes off the Ravens' Trevor Pryce and delivers a 17-yard touchdown strike to Heath Miller.

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