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Can't-Miss Plays of the first half of the season

   Ellis Hobbs and the 
  Patriots celebrate Kickoff Weekend with a record-tying, 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown against the 
   T.J. Houshmandzadeh, with only the sideline to beat, demonstrates great footwork to make a 23-yard touchdown reception. 
   Joseph Addai elevates over the Houston defense at the goal line for a touchdown. 
   Cleveland's Braylon Edwards burns Chris McAlister and the 
  Ravens defense for a 78-yard touchdown. 
   Just when you thought it was safe to write off the 
  Giants, the G-Men score 21 unanswered points to win, six on this TD from 
  Plaxico Burress. 
   Before burning the 
  Bears on a 73-yard TD run, 
  Adrian Peterson weaves through Chicago's vaunted defense for another score. 
   Double coverage? So what! Just toss the ball 50 yards and let Randy Moss jump up and get it against two overmatched defensive backs. 
   Green Bay's Brett Favre throws an 82-yard touchdown pass to 
  Greg Jennings on the first play of overtime after a frantic finish in regulation. 

Jason Witten shows rugged toughness by rambling 53 yards while losing his helmet against the Eagles.

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