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Can David Wilson be Giants' X-factor down the stretch?

Giants rookie RB David Wilson went in a blowout victory over the Saints. He was spectacular in the run game and out of the backfield. Is he New York's X-factor down the stretch?

I think so. I didn't think he'd get the chance, the way he cried after Tom Coughlin benched him for fumbling on opening night. But he gives the Giants something they don't have, a game-breaker.

A game-breaker yes, but the Giants aren't going to suddenly force feed him into action. He'll be a nice complement but this is Eli's Team. Wilson is still a rookie working through some things.

Don't think he won't get the chance, either. Ahmad Bradshaw has been nursing a bad foot and now, a bad knee.

After Wilson got down, I have a feeling we won't be hearing much about Bradshaw's bumps and bruises anymore #wallypip.

You show me a Super Bowl team, I'll show you one that got a late-season boost. I don't know if the Giants are a Super Bowl team, I just know David Wilson has plenty of game. Goodnight.

Good points on all counts. However, the like how the Packers didn't rely on Starks and Giants won't rely on Wilson. They'll take his help but will handle things with Eli and the Front Four.

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