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Can Dallas Cowboys' Jason Witten make it to the Hall of Fame?

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten set the single-season record for catches by a tight end with 103. He elevated an already excellent 10-year career. Is he a Hall of Famer, though? 

We agree Tony Gonzalez is the standard, right? He has four 1,000-yard seasons in 16 seasons. Witten? Three in 10. Gonzalez has 9 seasons of 900-plus yards. Witten already has seven.

Gonzalez also has 103 touchdowns. Witten has 43. To put that in perspective, New England's Rob Gronkowski has 37 in three seasons.

His numbers are better than Shannon Sharpe, too. (Hey, it's not Witten's fault he doesn't play with a John Elway or Ray Lewis in his prime.)

Witten will finish the season with more than 9,000 career receiving yards. Sharpe had just over 10,000 -- in four more seasons.

If games were won by yards, the Buffalo Bills might be in contention. You've got to get in the end zone. That's been the one knock on Witten's career. He has five seasons with 4 or less TDs.

How about we consider Witten with Antonio Gates, who came into the league the same year. He only has, oh, 149 more receptions than Gates. Did I mention he just broke a record, with 103?

Did I mention Gates has 82 touchdowns - including 6 this season, four more than Witten? He is a Hall of Famer, but his lack of TDs will prompt debate, especially compared to peers like Gates.

C'mon, this isn't about touchdowns. That's fantasy football. My guy can play without a punctured spleen. And did I mention -- unlike your guy, Pop Gates -- he can block his a-- off? Goodnight.

I know he can block his a--off. So can Gronk. Think the Pats are keeping him in to max protect in the red zone? Nope. They're using him to win and get to the playoffs.

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