Can anyone stop Sapp in the 'NFL GameDay Morning' league?

After three weeks, it doesn't look like much has changed in the NFL GameDay Morning fantasy league. Defending champ Warren Sapp continues to look unbeatable. But there could be a challenge on the horizon from the upstart Alex Flanagan. Meanwhile a pair of 0-3 teams try to get off the schneid and remain in the hunt. Let's go to the tale of the tape.

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With a lineup that finally met expectations, Kurt Warner got his first win of the year. If that group can do it again this week, he should back up victories. Dales' lineup is full of risk/reward guys. The past two weeks, she's reaped the rewards. That good fortune could continue with Mike Williams and Brandon Pettigrew facing favorable matchups.

Predicted outcome: Big weeks from Matt Ryan and Jahvid Best make for another big episode of the Dale-y show.

No one has been hit harder by the injury bug than Michael Lombardi and that bad luck has continued with Frank Gore and Marques Colston looking uncertain for this week. That patchwork lineup could be the cure for what ails Rich Eisen's Kukars, who looked primed to break out of their two-game slump.

Predicted outcome: The lights continue to dim on Broadway as the Kukars get back to .500

Maybe the biggest surprise of the early fantasy season, Alex Flanagan's Flantastics have been led by Drew Brees, Ray Rice and Wes Welker. Even a good start from Darren Sproles has made Percy Harvin's poor start a moot point. Despite inconsistency at quarterback, Marshall Faulk's Heroes are in the thick of the playoff race. Eventually he'll need big production from that position if he plans to compete long term.

Predicted outcome: The Flantastics continue to surprise and get to 4-0.

Somehow Michael Fabiano's Stallions are 2-1 with a patchwork lineup. But it will be hard for him to challenge Michael Irvin's playmakers with so many question marks. Unless Joseph Addai, Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Bowe or Hakeem Nicks steps up, it will be a long day. Looking at Irvin's lineup, it's amazing he's 1-2. That should change this week with so many matchups in his favor.

Predicted outcome: The Play Makers playmakers make plays in a blowout win.

Speaking of teams better than their record, Jason La Canfora's Sonic Reducers finally got a win last week. While Michael Vick's status is something to watch, there are too many other talents in the lineup for this team to stay down for long. Elliot Harrison's Plantar Smashiitis is in good position to bounce back from a Week 3 loss, but first he has to figure out what to do about his tight-end position.

Predicted outcome: In a photo finish, the Reducers increase their win total.

With fantasy busts up and down the lineup, it's little wonder that Steve Mariucci's Militia is 0-3. Since it's hard to imagine that changing this week, Mooch's long fantasy nightmare will continue. It won't help that he's facing Sapp's championship-caliber squad. It's still a wonder how he ended up with such a stacked lineup, but it's just getting fun to watch every week.

Predicted outcome: The Champ is here, and won't be slowed this week.

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