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Cameron: Dolphins had chance to deal Culpepper

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- The Miami Dolphins had an opportunity to trade quarterback Daunte Culpepper, but negotiations stalled and delayed the release he sought, head coach Cam Cameron said Friday.

The relationship between the Dolphins and Culpepper soured before he was finally released on Tuesday. The NFL Players Association had filed a breach-of-contract grievance on Culpepper's behalf as Miami unsuccessfully tried to trade him.

The Dolphins acquired Kansas City quarterback Trent Green six weeks ago, making Culpepper expendable.

"Immediately, there was an opportunity to trade him -- immediately," Cameron said at a charity golf event. "There was the opportunity that was going to happen quickly. Then, for a variety of reasons, the trade did not take place.

"The trade process drew the whole thing out. Ultimately, the trade was not able to get done and we went in a different direction."

When the Dolphins acquired Culpepper before the 2006 season, he was coming off major surgery on his right knee. Although he was cleared to start last season's opener, he struggled with mobility and played just four games.

Cameron succeeded Nick Saban as head coach in January. When it became clear this spring the Dolphins didn't plan to keep Culpepper, he vowed to block a trade, saying he wouldn't accommodate them by agreeing to a new contract.

"We sincerely wish him well," Cameron said. "I don't know how you pull against people. When a player goes to another team, I don't know how you pull against him."

Cameron said he couldn't evaluate Culpepper for a starting position or let him participate in team drills because the former Pro Bowl quarterback's health was still a concern.

"He was never 100 percent," Cameron said. "And he would tell you that. He would agree with that."

Culpepper, 30, met with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday. The Jacksonville Jaguars are also thought to have interest in Culpepper, who serves as his own agent.

"We'd like to think that he can find a place that's a positive for him," Cameron said. "That's how we'd like it to work out."

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