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Cam won't stop running: That will forever be my edge

In Cam Newton's Week 6 return from a concussion, the quarterback rushed just one time, scampering to the pylon for a two-yard touchdown.

Newton wasn't in the mood to talk following the team's loss to the Saints. After the bye week, the defending MVP was more than willing to open up about his concussion experience, saying he learned from putting his guard down before taking the hit.

Newton also said he has no plans to ditch running to protect himself from future hits to the head.

"Even through the game, I know everybody's watching going 'How many times is Cam gonna run?..." he said Wednesday. "That's who I am. I would prefer to be involved in the game. I know, as the Panthers, that's our edge.

"There's certain things that I look at quarterbacks around this league and say 'Damn, I wish I could do that.' Man, I wish I could win football games and make it look so cool like Tom Brady. Man I wish I had the throwing accuracy and throwing style like a Matt Stafford or Aaron Rodgers. You see young talent like the Kaepernicks, the Russell Wilsons, the Andrew Lucks, and guys like that. But my edge is running the football inside the tackle. When somebody tries to take that away from me, for what it is, that's who I am, that's me. That's gonna forever be my edge in this league."

Newton understands his unique running ability makes the Panthers offense move. With defenders constantly required to monitor the quarterback outside the pocket, passing lanes and running lanes for backs open.

"I look at the game different. That makes defenses prepare for extra things," Newton said of his ability to run. "So if you take that away, the defense is like 'Yes, we don't have to prepare for a quarterback.' I'm trying to find any and every way to create edges for us, whether that's me running around .... I'm just trying to win football games. I hate that feeling, coming home knowing that we had our opportunities. Every single game we've played in we've had them. But nobody wants to hear that. They just look at the most important stat in all of sports, and that's your record."

Newton's size allows him to take huge shots that would take down other running quarterbacks. As long as his legs still give him an advantage over defenses, the Panthers quarterback isn't going to shy away from contact.

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