Cam Newton to be first Patriots player to wear No. 1 since 1987

Pat Patriot might have to find a new number.

The New England Patriots mascot has donned the No. 1 since 2003, after the Pats won their first Super Bowl. He had previously worn No. 0 until a fan suggested to owner Robert Kraft it be changed (NFL Films caught the exchange).

Now, Cam Newton will wear New England's No. 1.

Upon announcing the signing of the former NFL MVP on Wednesday, the Patriots' updated roster noted Newton as No. 1.

Newton will be just the fourth player to wear the number for New England in a regular-season game and the first non-kicker. No Pats player has sported No. 1 since Tony Franklin in 1987 (played in NE from 1984-87). John Smith (1974-83) and Eric Schubert (one game in '87) are the other two booters to wear the number.

The 31-year-old Newton wasn't even alive the last time a Patriots player wore No. 1.

Newton, who wore No. 2 at Auburn, began sporting No. 1 after becoming the first-overall pick by the Carolina Panthers in 2011. At the time, Panthers quarterback Jimmy Clausen owned No. 2 and wouldn't give it up to the rookie. Bryan Hoyer is currently No. 2 in New England.

After nine years of wearing No. 1 in Carolina, Newton will play for a new franchise for the first time. But his familiar number will remain the same.

As for where Pat Patriot could turn for a new number, 6 is available -- the same amount of Lombardi Trophies the franchise owns. Also, a certain No. 12 isn't being used either.

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