Cam Newton on big games: 'I don't get nervous'

And now, some more good news for Panthers fans, as if they need it: Apparently there will be nothing to worry about with Cam Newton as he walks into the biggest NFL game he's ever played.

"I don't get nervous," Newton said Wednesday, via "I've been playing football for too long for me to get nervous. I used to dream of being in this type of position."

He added: "This is why you play football games. I idolized the quarterbacks that would be in these positions and dream like, 'Man, I hope, I pray I get an opportunity to do it.'"

This is what Newton is supposed to say, of course. That is worth mentioning because Newton hasn't been to this stage at the professional level, and as Ron Rivera noted on Wednesday, it's another step above his National Championship run at Auburn.

But it's also impossible to disagree with Newton, who has managed to hypnotize all of football this season. His performances have been nearly flawless, and the Panthers have been nearly perfect. Even when locked in pressure situations, like the Giants game at MetLife Stadium, his confidence was so brash and assuring that it was almost a foregone conclusion that the Panthers would come out ahead.

It's difficult to remember a quarterback in the modern era who was this unflappable for this long during the season. There have been no major pits or valleys. And for that reason alone, we have no choice to believe Newton when he says he won't be nervous. Why start now?

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