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Cam Newton, Josh Norman scuffle at Panthers practice

Every training camp in the NFL features some fighting. But not every training camp fight features a franchise quarterback at the center of the storm.

That's what happened Monday at Carolina Panthers camp, where Cam Newton and cornerback Josh Norman ended up in a skirmish that led to the team's $100 million passer rolling on the turf.

Black & Blue Review, a Panthers fan site, took video of the tail end of the scuffle and its aftermath, which included Newton saying to Norman: "Hit me like that again and you'll know something!"

According to Black & Blue, Norman intercepted a Newton pass two plays into a team drill and was told by coaches to return the pick. Newton chased Norman into the end zone, where things escalated.

"You really don't expect it to be the quarterback," coach Ron Rivera said about the altercation. according to ESPN. Rivera said he wasn't pleased about the fight but that he understood it.

Newton and Norman are said to be two of the biggest talkers on the team, so some type of confrontation was perhaps inevitable. Let's all look forward to the feverish Cam Newton think pieces to come.

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