Cam Newton is bigger than most Cardinals defenders

We know that Cam Newton is a large quarterback, but when thinking about it in actual terms, his combination of size and speed is actually quite stunning.

An analyst can sound quite banal when he or she says can you imagine trying to tackle that guy? But the reality of the situation? It's a real fear for many players.

Newton's listed height is 6-5 and his weight is generously 245 pounds. This is three pounds lighter than Newton weighed at the scouting combine's official measurement session, and considering he's been in an NFL training regimen for five years, that number is probably a little bigger -- especially considering that some players prefer to put on weight for November and December games.

With that in mind, here is a list of the defensive players Newton is most likely to see on Sunday afternoon in Charlotte with their listed heights and weights.

If I'm Newton, I like my chances once I break the line of scrimmage. Physics tell us that anyone in the secondary moving fast enough can technically bring him down, but the human element in all of this makes us thankful that we're not lining up on the other side of the ball. Can you imagine trying to tackle that guy?

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