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Cam Newton: I don't always need to be the playmaker

The Carolina Panthers spent the offseason revamping the offense to take some of the load off Cam Newton's shoulders.

In an interview with Bill Voth of the team's official website, the rehabbing quarterback acknowledged he doesn't have to move the offense all by himself.

"The thing I have to realize is my job is not necessarily to always be the playmaker," Newton said. "I have to give other people opportunities to make plays. That's the hardest thing about maturation, especially for me.

"So having more comfort in trusting the guys around me is the biggest thing. Trust and knowing my job is giving everybody a chance and letting them do their job as well."

The Panthers plan to run Newton less and get the ball out of his hands quicker in 2017. To aid that endeavor, the team selected running back Christian McCaffrey and slot receiver Curtis Samuel in the draft.

Newton enters the season with the most diverse set of weapons in his career.

"I look at a Curtis Samuel, I look at a Christian and all these guys that are new additions on this offense and it's on me now," Newton told Voth. "I look at the things that I need to work on -- obviously getting the ball out of my hands -- at times, it could've helped and I know that. That's all about growth."

If Newton bounces back from his shoulder injury and a revamped offensive line holds up, the Panthers' offense could have enough firepower to be a force in a tough NFC South division.

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