Cam Newton: Fine the media for bogus predictions

The Panthers don't typically come up quickly when discussing the best teams in the NFL, even if a 5-0 record should grant Carolina a generous place in the conversation.

That elusive national respect found its way to Charlotte after Sunday's comeback triumph over the Seahawks at the Clink. On Wednesday, Cam Newton was asked if he found media doubters of the Panthers to be comical.

"No offense, but I find all media comical at times," Newton replied in a video posted on Black and Blue Review. "I think your guys' profession, you can easily take back what you say. There's no danger when somebody says it. ... If it was a pay cut or if it was an incentive, if picking teams each and every week you may get a raise, I guarantee it, people would watching what they say then.

"They should have an incentive if you make a bold statement if you're correct, you get an x-amount increase. But if you make a bold statement and it goes the other way, you get deducted. Going straight to the Cam Newton Foundation."

As a follow, Newton was asked if he could see himself making a second career in the way that so many fellow players do: Becoming an analyst/pundit himself.

"No sir. no sir. I'm not a media guy. I don't want my face to be on TV a lot."

A reporter then pointed out that Newton will be hosting a television show on Nickelodeon next year.

"Yeah, but not commentating," he replied. "I'm not a commentator type of guy. Kids, I do that all day. Hell, I'm a kid."

The media landscape is littered with former professional athletes who treated reporters with disdain during their careers, but have no problem heading into the booth or studio when they need to keep the paychecks coming. We're not going to call Newton one of those types -- he's quite good with the media, actually -- but we'll hold him to his word nonetheless.

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