Cam Jordan laments Suh's choice, tips QB preference

Free agency 2018 included some murmurs involving the New Orleans Saints.

Would Drew Brees leave? Did Ndamukong Suh want to leave South Beach for the Big Easy?

In the end, neither happened -- but the Saints aren't hurting. Fresh off an 11-5 season, stocked with young talent and returning to the field with Brees under a new contract, they're ready to roll. And yet, one Saint wishes his franchise would have landed the big fish out of Miami.

"Bringing in a guy like Suh would be a huge veteran plug, but clearly he chose to come to L.A.," Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan said during an appearance on NFL Up to the Minute. "I'm not saying I was disappointed, I'm just simply saying we could've had something special. You go with the DPOY of this past year, I understand, I get it.

"We could've gone fishing on the weekends in Louisiana. We've got things we can do, we've got places, we've got the mentality of what we're goign to do. We want to go deeper into the playoffs than we did this previous year. I feel like L.A., the Rams have a lot of good things going for them ... we made the final three, we just weren't the finalist."

Suh would've slotted into a defensive tackle role along a line that included Jordan and Sheldon Rankins. He instead joins that DPOY (Defensive Player of the Year), Aaron Donald, in an interior-line pairing that could quickly become the most-feared in the league. No skin off Jordan's back.

"I think we have a strong core," Jordan said on NFL Total Access. ... "Our line is stacked. We were just looking to be more stacked."

The offseason doesn't end with free agency, of course. Jordan was asked by NFL Network's Cole Wright to take off the pads and put on the GM hat as we near the draft.

Jordan danced around possibilities, discussing edge rushers, Penn State tight end Mike Gesicki and avoiding crowding New Orleans' talented backfield before turning to the quarterback position.

"If you're looking for an heir apparent, maybe give him the Aaron Rodgers treatment. Let him learn from the best for a couple years and then send him on. But I'm not putting here nor there, I'm just simply saying," Jordan said before immediately mouthing Lamar Jackson.

"No, I'm saying Sheldon Rankins is from Louisville," Jordan said in a playful cover-up attempt.

We know months worth of prognostication become moot within the first couple hours of the NFL draft, but should Jackson end up in New Orleans, add "football fortune teller" to Jordan's list of accolades -- even if Suh didn't want to join him.

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