Calvin Pace: Schedule-maker 'had it out' for Jets

No, this isn't one person's list of the five best quarterbacks in the league (and Jay Cutler). It's actually the run of opposing QBs the New York Jets have faced since Week 2.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised the secondary-deficient Jets are 0-5 in this challenge so far. The run comes to an especially grueling close with games against Manningand Brady over a four-day span.

Did the schedule-makers on Park Avenue target the Jets for extermination by Halloween? Probably not. Yet one Jets player couldn't help but comment on the team's Murderer's Row of opposition signal-callers.

"It's going to be another tough one," linebacker Calvin Pace said of the team's *Thursday Night Football* matchup against the Pats, according to Newsday. "Someone at the NFL really had it out for us on this schedule. But that being said, nobody feels sorry for us."

He's certainly right about that last part. In truth, there's no way for anyone to know how a schedule will shake out from a difficulty level until the season starts to take shape. That said, this was a particularly stellar group of quarterbacks who aren't known to suffer down seasons. The surprising rise of the Lions made matters that much worse.

The good news for the Jets is that their post-Thursday schedule includes seven consecutive games against opponents with .500-or-worse records. The bad news: that won't matter if the Jets reach that stretch on a six-game losing streak.

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