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Calvin Johnson has historic game for Detroit Lions


Those often-tricky counting symbols can frequently befuddle, and when used in NFL statistics, can be contorted to prove any desired point.

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But let's not get it twisted. In Sunday's historic performance against theDallas Cowboys, numbers underscored the dominance of Calvin Johnson.

In fact, there are so many numbers to pick through the hardest choice is where to begin.

His 329 receiving yards -- second-most in NFL history and most ever in a non-overtime game -- define how dominant Megatron was Sunday. His NFL record-tying fifth career 200-yard receiving game displays how ridiculous he's been in his seven-year career.

"Just wait till he's 100 percent," Jim Schwartz said after the game.

(Wait. What?)

That less-than healthy Megatron earned 64 more yards himself than the entire Cowboys offense and 123 yards more than Tony Romo had passing.

Johnson had more total yards than 13 NFL teams on Sunday.

"I'm just going out there doing my job," Johnson said, per the Detroit Free Press, regarding hullabaloo made last week when Dez Bryant said he can do the same things Johnson can do on the field.

Megatron out-gained the Cowboys receiver with his first catch of the game, an 87-yard slant he took to the Dallas 3-yard line. Johnson had 13 catches after that, tying a Lions franchise total.

Johnson's numbers left Cowboys defenders speechless.

"Not much for you," cornerback Orlando Scandrick said, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

"I don't know," Brandon Carr said, shaking his head.

Reggie Bush found no loss of superlatives for his teammate.

To stoke the fire of that debate, we can provide Reggie with some stats:

Through the last 50 games, Megatron is averaging 106.98 yards per game, second-best of any receiver during any 50-game span since 1960. His average squeezes behind Lance Alworth's 108.28 yards/game (1964-1968) and ahead of Jerry Rice's best, 103.24 yards/game (1993-1996).

Aren't numbers fun?

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