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Caldwell: Ivory will 'probably split carries' with Yeldon

Chris Ivory's big payday was one of the head scratchers of the week.

The Jacksonville Jaguars paid a running back with a history of injury troubles $32 million over five years with $10 million guaranteed. The money and Ivory's tendency to boom one game, then disappear the next that makes it somewhat perplexing. Add in the fact the Jags already had T.J. Yeldon in house, a player they boasted as a three-down back and earned some comparisons to Le'Veon Bell last season, and the deal is more surprising.

On Thursday, general manager Dave Caldwell noted that Yeldon and Ivory will "probably split carries."

"It wasn't a pressing need for us, because we feel like we have a young back," Caldwell admitted, via the Florida Times-Union. "But, in this league, you need two guys. Chris is a guy that averages 4.6 yards per carry over the course of his career. He's a violent, aggressive, downhill runner, who is excellent in short yardage situations and really a three-down back."

Fantasy Football junkies are scratching their eyes out with every word.

The pairing of Ivory with Yeldon is a match of styles. The Jags' coaching staff didn't trust Yeldon in the red zone, where they elected to throw the ball a ton. Ivory should provide that wham to Yeldon's pizzazz.

Ivory believes the timeshare should allow him to stay healthier.

"I think it does allow durability throughout the season," Ivory said. "It allows guys to come in fresh, so I think it's a good situation. Not only that, I think it extends your career."

Most criticism of Ivory's contract comes not in the fit in the offense, but rather the big money paid to a bruiser with injuries in his past. Jacksonville has whiffed on a big back once under Caldwell -- Toby Gerhart, whom the team just cut. This time around the GM went with a proven commodity, but paid handsomely for it.

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