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C.J. Spiller: I'm pretty sure Chip has my agent's number

C.J. Spiller learned his Bills career was over while sitting in the green room at NFL Network on Tuesday. The messenger was Willie McGinest, who told him that the Bills had acquired LeSean McCoy from the Eagles in exchange for Kiko Alonso.

"I thought he was joking," Spiller said.

Five minutes later, Spiller received a phone call from the Bills explaining that the reports were true. Spiller described it as a "thank you for your service" call.

"I hoped that I could return (to Buffalo)," Spiller said Tuesday on NFL Total Access. "Very few guys get to play their whole career at one team, but unfortunately that doesn't happen in this business and I found out today it doesn't happen in this business."

With the Eagles suddenly looking to fill a vacancy in their backfield, Spiller was asked about the possibility of he and McCoy trading places in 2015. Spiller will be fair game to all 32 teams next Tuesday.

"I'm pretty sure that Chip (Kelly) has my agent's phone number so I'm pretty sure we might have to make a call over there," he said.

"I've never been in that type of system before," referring to the Eagles' hyped offensive attack, "but I don't think I'd have any problem adjusting to it."

Credit to Spiller, who was in the highly unusual situation of reacting to this career-altering moment less than 30 minutes after it all went down. And let's not dismiss the possibility of Spiller taking McCoy's old gig in Philly.

Spiller has the versatility to play in Kelly's system and would come at a much cheaper cost than McCoy. Far crazier things have happened.

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