C.J. Anderson the latest Bronco to pine over Cousins

It's Super Bowl Week and Kirk Cousins hasn't played football in a month.

Cousins is all anyone wants to talk about, though, which makes sense after the Redskins hit the ejector seat on their veteran quarterback in favor of Tuesday's stunning trade for Alex Smith.

Set to break the bank in free agency -- after making a king's ransom in Washington -- Cousins looms as the biggest open-market prize since Broncos football czar John Elway lured Peyton Manning to Denver in 2012.

Can Elway do it again with Cousins? Broncos running back C.J. Anderson certainly hopes so.

"It would be huge having a guy like Kirk. ... It would be huge to come to us, a veteran team," Anderson told NFL Network on Wednesday. "We know some pieces are going to change, but if we can keep some of the pieces on our offensive end -- myself, [wideout] Emmanuel [Sanders], DT [wideout Demaryius Thomas] -- our offense can be what we want it to be."

Asked if a trustworthy quarterback was the missing piece, Anderson minced no words.

"Oh yeah, most definitely," he said. "If [Elway] can make it happen ... We need to find a way to make that happen."

Pro Bowl pass rusher Von Miller expressed similar sentiments on Good Morning Football while also telling The Dan Patrick Show: "Yeah, we need Kirk. We need Kirk. I'd like to have Kirk. We have great quarterbacks now. Kirk could take us over the edge."

Add Anderson's comments and Miller's wishes to the growing queue after Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall essentially mouthed the same exact message earlier this month on NFL Network.

It's a good time for Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch to power down the laptops and stay offline, because it's crystal clear that Denver's roster has violently shifted into Cousins-or-bust mode.

None of these humans work in Denver's front office, though, leaving us with just one relevant curiosity: Will Elway make it happen?

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