C.J. Anderson says frustration is affecting performance

The 2015 season is not shaping up the way C.J. Anderson envisioned it after being crowed the Denver Broncos' starting running back prior to the season.

Gary Kubiak's offense has helped make stars out of lesser talented running backs, but Anderson can't get on track. Anderson's game film shows that he always seems a step or a broken arm tackle for bursting for a big gain.

The lack of production -- 2.7 yards per carry on 43 totes -- is becoming frustrating for the young back.

"(I've) just got to step out of some tackles," Anderson said, via ESPN.com. "I'm doing a couple drills that (are) helping me out. Just got to step out of some tackles, you know, not get so frustrated early with myself, just stay in the game, stay focused."

Asked point-blank if those frustrations are affecting his performance, Anderson responded:

"Yeah, I can see it on film, I can see it, I can feel it when it happens. Certain things you go 'Man, here we go again,' just got to stay positive the whole time, just keep that positive mindset."

Ronnie Hillman has looked like the better back in Kubiak's system, averaging 4.9 yards on 39 carries -- with a 72-yard touchdown scamper last week helping out that average immensely. The offense seems to function more fluidly when Hillman enters the game.

Kubiak said he will split the workload equally after Hillman's early-season performance.

"I think of them both as starters, to be honest with you," Kubiak said earlier this week. "I know that somebody has to walk out there on play No. 1, but they're both going to play and will probably play right down the middle."

The frustration might mount for Anderson, but if he continues to struggle, he'll keep losing his share of the snaps.

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