Burleson: Megatron's possible retirement is like Tupac

Calvin Johnson's NFL future remains up in the air.

NFL Media's Nate Burleson, a former teammate of Johnson's with the Lions, said Monday he reached out to Megatron after an ESPN report surfaced pronouncing his retirement. Burleson said Calvin brushed aside the question for now.

"Nothing's official," Burleson told the Detroit News of the retirement talk. "I'm waiting, and maybe that's the fan in me. Maybe it's like being a fan of Tupac. I don't think he's dead yet. Until you prove that to me, I still think he's living in Cuba."

Nasty Nate outing himself as a Tupac Truther is one angle to this story I did not see coming.

Burleson, however, blasted Detroit's new general manager Bob Quinn for not reaching out to Megatron and pitching hard for the face of the franchise to return for another season.

"That's ridiculous," Burleson said. "You're casually going about enticing one of the best receivers in my era to come back, and then you're casual about showing your appreciation for a guy who has ... put the organization on his back without complaint."

The Lions haven't pitched much in the media beyond their initial statement that they respect Johnson need for time to make a decision.

At this point all the signs are pointing towards Johnson walking away from the NFL after nine seasons.

Then again, Tupac could still be alive, right?

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