Buffalo Bills terminate Toronto series

With new ownership committed to Buffalo, Bills fans could stop worrying about being moved to Toronto. Now they don't even have to worry about losing one home game to their northern neighbors.

The Bills and Rogers Communications announced Monday they have agreed to terminate the Toronto series.

"We greatly appreciate the support we've received over the past seven years from all of the tremendous people at Rogers Communications," team president Russ Brandon said, per the team's official website. "We will continue to work hard to solidify our footprint in Southern Ontario. Our fan base in this region remains extremely important to our organization and their support has been well-documented."

The series began in 2008 and spanned six home games and two preseason games through 2013.

It's good news for the city of Buffalo, which won't see one home game a year moved to another country. It's poor news for those wanting a yearly edition of "Rob Ford steals someone's seat and eats chicken wings."

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