Bud Light offers fans chance to boo Roger Goodell

The 2020 NFL Draft will be unlike any other because of its setting.

Instead of one central location, the draft will be conducted virtually from remote locations all across the United States. That means there won't be fans in attendance to cheer the picks -- and boo the commissioner. For the first time, Roger Goodell will announce the commencement of the NFL draft from the comfort of his home, where the choruses of boos can't rain down on him.

Home is also a great place to enjoy a beverage, and one beverage-making company is stepping up to make sure your boos are still heard. Bud Light is asking NFL fans to record their boos, then post and tag @budlight with the included hashtag #BooTheCommish.

Bud Light will deliver your boos to the draft -- start preparing those voices, Jets fans -- and for each #BooTheCommish sent through April 25, Bud Light will donate $1 for the NFL Draft-a-Thon up to $500,000.

Boo the commissioner and raise money for a good cause? That's worth raising a can of Bud Light Seltzer.

Instead of fighting through a few semi-awkward seconds of general disdain, the commissioner will be able to witness every individual boo endlessly. He could even loop them if he so desired. Whether he'd choose to subject himself to such displeasure is another topic, but he might need the crisp, refreshing taste of a Bud Light Seltzer to make it through it.

We can all relate to that. Here's to hoping you can raise your Bud Light Seltzer in celebration of your team's choice.

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