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Bucs say Grimm injured MCL, but extent of damage unclear

Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Cody Grimm is feared to be lost for the rest of the season with a right anterior cruciate ligament injury, the St. Petersburg Times reported, but coach Raheem Morris said Monday it's not yet clear if it's season-ending.

"We don't know the extent of that yet. He's definitely getting an MRI," Morris said. "I know he's got an MCL, some other stuff, so we're checking that now. It may not be for the year. We're not sure of that yet."

Grimm injured his right knee during the third quarter of the Bucs' 16-13 victory over the Atlanta Falcons when he collided with another player while helping stop running back Michael Turner on a 1-yard run.

"We lost one of our wolves," Morris said. "Next wolf up."

The Buccaneers issued a statement on Twitter around the time of the news conference saying that Grimm injured his medial collateral ligament.

"Cody Grimm definitely has an MCL injury but the extent of the injury otherwise is not yet known so it's not certain that his season is over," the statement read.

Grimm missed the final month of the 2010 season after breaking his leg during a game against the Baltimore Ravens.

"When you're talking about Cody, you're talking about his practice habits, his effort and his willingness to do just about anything to put his face on people," Morris said. "He's a nasty, vicious, hard player."

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