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Bucs' Blount speaks up, says he 'didn't orchestrate anything'

After previously declining to discuss accusations that he was "the leader" of a Sept. 11 assault on a 34-year-old Tampa man, Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back LeGarrette Blount on Wednesday denied any wrongdoing in the alleged incident to the Tampa Tribune.

According to a police report obtained by and NFL Network on Tuesday, Gary Holmer claimed Blount directed two men to severely beat him after a car accident.

"In my mind I didn't do anything wrong at all," Blount told the newspaper Wednesday. "I didn't orchestrate anything. I didn't make any suggestions for anything.''

Police didn't pursue charges of burglary for the purpose of committing battery, felony battery and felony criminal mischief in the incident at the alleged victim's request. Police said Holmer did not want to press charges out of fear for his safety, according to the Tribune.

Blount, 25, refused to name the two other men. He also did not answer when asked if he tried to stop the assault. He denied claims that he didn't cooperate with authorities.

"I cooperated with the cops when they came, even though I waited for two hours -- two and a half hours -- before they came," Blount said to the newspaper. "I cooperated with them then."

Blount gave a statement in regard to the hit-and-run accusation. When later contacted by police regarding the alleged assault, Blount declined to give a statement.

Blount, the Buccaneers' leading rusher, said he has moved on.

"It happened all the way back in September, so, I mean, it's just coming out now, but I've been focusing on football since (it happened)," he told the paper. "It was months ago. There's nothing that I can do about it now."

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