Bucified Bert goes all out for the Buccaneers

Fans of the NFL is our celebration of the league's most dedicated football fans.

A pirate's life isn't for everyone, but for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers faithful, this is the hard road they tread. For Bucs fans, they will always be on the ship with their team. Albert Owens has embraced the buccaneer life, since the team arrived in Tampa Bay in 1976.

Before every home game, Owens spends six hours transforming into Bucified Bert. Once he makes it to the game, Owens has the time of his life entertaining fans.

"I like being a fanatic and making other fans feel the excitement of being at Raymond James Stadium."

Owens also takes his Bucified Bert persona on the road, specifically to John Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he brings cheer to young patients.

While Owens is not a rascal or a scoundrel, he is truly the kindest buccaneer you will ever find.

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