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Bruce Arians: Tom Brady came to Buccaneers to 'try a different way'

Tom Brady's seventh Super Bowl ring stands apart from the previous half dozen after the greatest quarterback of all-time led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the promised land in his first season in town.

TB12's exit from New England came for various reasons, ground which has been plowed many times over the past 11 months. Bucs coach Bruce Arians said during an interview with Inside the NFL on Showtime last week that he believes the answer is simple: Brady wanted to show he could win "a different way" than in New England. 

"I think his competitive spirit is so strong that he wanted to do it," Arians said, via "He wanted to show people. I've never said anything bad about Bill Belichick; I know everybody tries to say I do. His record speaks for itself. He is probably the greatest one ever. But I think [Brady] wanted to try a different way."

Brady wanting to win without Bill Belichick and the "Patriot Way" doesn't come as a surprise. The 43-year-old quarterback has spoken nothing but praise for his former coach and his 20-year experience in New England. However, as a master self-motivator, Brady would surely use the idea that some would suggest he couldn't win without the greatest coach of all time to push himself harder.

And now, in 2021, Brady will be motivated to prove that the 2020 'ship wasn't a fluke.

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