Browns GM: Friction is natural among coaches, execs

Ray Farmer wants you to know that all is well in Cleveland.

The Browns' general manager says he's seen friction between coaches and front office members at every stop in his career, and that the ability to overcome differences is what separates good teams.

Amid the fallout of a contentious departure by Kyle Shanahan, the Browns are currently working on the healing process.

"That's just how it is," Farmer said, via "Sometimes the personnel guys want Player A and the coaches want Player B. The teams that are really, really good, they work through those things. Sometimes, you have to have the hard conversations. Sometimes you look guys in the eye and you argue and you yell, but you're trying to get it right. You're trying to come up with the right answers."

Of course, the Browns aren't exactly getting the benefit of the doubt here. After rumors surfaced that front office members were texting coaches during games about play calls, it's easy to see why the search for a new offensive coordinator has taken on a bit of a wayward feel.

Combined with the fact that Johnny Manziel is not exactly an enticing entity to work with at this point, and you have a very interesting set of circumstances for these coaches to overcome friction.

Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely? Maybe not at this point.

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