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Browns' Cribbs won't sit on sidelines for parkng ticket battle

Josh Cribbs of the Cleveland Browns recently found his path to parking paydirt blocked, and the two-time Pro Bowl pick is ready to line up on behalf of others who have been flagged by their meter minders, according Fox 8 television in Cleveland.

"Well, since this is a lockout, I have the time to fight for Cleveland, fight for the blue collar workers here, and I think it's wrong and I am trying to stand up for those who can't," said Cribbs, who was on the receiving end of a $15 parking ticket despite not having an expired meter.

"I was at the barber and I went outside to put a quarter in the meter. I saw I had a parking ticket. But there was eight minutes left on the meter, I was highly upset."

So upset that he took to -- what else? -- Twitter to throw a flag of his own at the Cleveland Heights Police Department.

"I wrote, 'not guilty!' I made sure to take pictures with time stamps," Cribbs told the TV station, laughing. "I got a lot of responses. People saying the Cleveland Heights Police Department is notorious for writing out tickets, people who have been wronged."

The police chief, Jeffrey Robertson, threw a challenge flag of his own, saying, "We do not ticket without a violation. It appears that someone came out and put a quarter in Mr. Cribbs' meter, or turned his meter back to allow for a grace period 22 minutes before he came out."

Cribbs isn't content to sit on the sidelines, instead planning to appeal at his court appearance on June 30.

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