Browns, Colts aim to rally from Week 1 let downs

Why to watch
This is like watching a car crash. You can't turn away even though you know it's ugly. You won't find two teams that looked worse than these two in the opener (okay, the Chiefs did), and seeing just how far the Colts can fall without Peyton Manning feels like a bizarre sports sociological experiment. Personally, it's kinda captivating. If Indy loses a home opener to a Cleveland team that lost its home opener to the Bengals, well, look out. And maybe, hello Andrew Luck.

Inside story
Lost amid all of the Manning talk is the fact that the Colts couldn't run the ball or stop the run, and they faltered on special teams. The quarterback was important, but not that important. Cleveland has the ability to play ball possession, physical football with that other Peyton, Peyton Hillis, and the Texans just provided quite the template to manhandling the Colts.

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