Browns believe they'll be able to trade Josh Gordon

The Cleveland Browns announced on Saturday that they planned to releaseJosh Gordon on Monday.

Now that seems unlikely to happen. Instead, the Browns are looking at obtaining compensation for the talented but troubled receiver.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday on Good Morning Football that it would be a surprise if Gordon was not traded by 4 p.m. ET -- the deadline for when team's release players (of course, the Browns could just not release Gordon today if trade talks continue).

Per Rapoport, a trade is "expected to happen."

Multiple teams have inquired about trading for Gordon, which has built a legitimate market.

Rapoport suggested that given Gordon's talent and extremely low contract -- making just $790,000 this year and would be a restricted free agent next year -- could give up a conditional mid-round pick to secure the receiver's rights for the next two years. Given his contract, it could end up cheaper to trade for the player than get in a bidding war if he's cut.

In this speculative scenario, a conditional trade could involve playing time. For instance, if Gordon were to play the final 10 games this season, a potential draft pick could move to a fourth or fifth-rounder.

This is all speculative at this point.

First, we need to find out how serious Gordon's hamstring injury is, and teams will likely want to know where he stands mentally after seeking help during training camp.

As to the injury, Rapoport reported that Gordon is getting his hamstring checked out Monday morning to see how long the injury, which kick-started the Browns planned release, could keep him out.

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