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Browns beat Giants, 10-6 as Odell Beckham survives hit

*An aggressive Browns defense headlined the on-field action Monday night in a 10-6 win over the visiting New York Giants, though the rest of the league was watching one player on the opposite sideline. *

Here's what we learned on Monday night...

1a. Odell Beckham Jr. was drilled by Browns corner Briean Boddy-Calhoun early in the second quarter (NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport confirmed Monday night that the hit was legal). What followed was an unusual -- and frightening -- series of events. Beckham spun his helmet in frustration and eyed up the Browns' defensive players but made his way to the sidelines. An ESPN camera followed his solo journey to the locker room for tests when Beckham flopped to his knees in the hallway and started rocking back and forth in pain. According to the Giants, Beckham was tested for both an ankle injury and a concussion. The concussion test was negative as were X-rays on his ankle -- but there are more tests to come. Giants fans can breathe easy for now, but there's still a flight home to New Jersey and follow-ups Tuesday.

1b. Brandon Marshall was popped by Browns rookie safety Jabrill Peppers in the first quarter. Marshall beat corner Joe Haden at the line and was open, though he wisely short-armed the pass in the name of safety with Peppers bearing down. The hit could have been a lot worse. That being said, Marshall is getting X-rays on his shoulder, according to the Giants. Could you imagine losing your top two receivers within five preseason minutes?

  1. Giants left tackle Ereck Flowers remains in the white-hot spotlight. The results from Monday night were mixed. Matched up against No. 1 overall pick Myles Garrett, Flowers eventually let up a sack though it came with Geno Smith at quarterback. Flowers held Garrett for nearly three seconds and Garrett was sort of pushed into Smith. So while I won't completely blame Flowers for the sack there, it doesn't absolve him all the way. He contained Garrett in the most generous of terms, though there were times when Flowers was essentially holding on to the rookie's neck to keep him from getting to Eli Manning.
  1. Speaking of Garrett, the hype is real. It will be thrilling to watch him compile a rolodex of left tackles in the league and develop some combat moves. The bull rush showcases his strength and speed, but there seems to be much more to come.
  1. Before the game, Rapoport reported that Brock Osweiler could lock the Week 1 starting gig down with a solid performance. Did a 6 of 8 outing for 25 yards and an INT do it? Osweiler's interception came on a tipped pass, something a 6-foot-8 quarterback could theoretically avoid more frequently than other players of a shorter stature. That being said, he was off and on Monday. I thought there was one completion to Corey Coleman near the sideline that was thrown perfectly. Another, to Kenny Britt on the first drive, was not as stellar.
  1. DeShone Kizer went 8 of 13 for 74 yards and missed an opportunity to hit fellow rookie David Njoku, who was wide open and headed for a touchdown. Kizer has not been the only rookie to miss this throw a few times this preseason (just ask Deshaun Watson) but boy does Kizer look the part. If the wow factor came into play, Kizer would have been pegged the Week 1 starter the day after the NFL Draft. After Monday night, though, it seems he'll have another few weeks of work to do.
  1. A play that won't be talked about tomorrow thanks to the Odell Beckham hysteria: In the second quarter, Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon tracks Njoku -- a stellar athlete -- for 25 yards downfield and breaks up a Kizer pass. This is a ridiculous display of talent from a defensive end.
  1. As I alluded to in the introduction, this Browns defense under Gregg Williams is aggressive. After getting somewhat captivated by the Robert Griffin III/Terrelle Pryor Fun N' Gun offense from last year's preseason, I hesitate to buy into team identities forged when the games don't count. That being said, Williams blitzed twice on Cleveland's first three plays and one hit home. Williams was dialing up blitzes all night, including one they checked out of in the fourth quarter, resulting in a Geno Smith interception by the scrappy Boddy-Calhoun.
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