Broncos sign Shiloh Keo after he tweeted Wade Phillips

At the beginning of the month, the Broncos signed journeyman safety Josh Bush to help fill the void left behind by the injured T.J. Ward. Bush had been with the Broncos earlier that season, but it didn't stop free agent safety Shiloh Keo from wondering why he wasn't picked.

So he did what any of us would do: he tweeted at Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips:

The pair went back and forth, Phillips explaining that Bush knew the system, and Keo countering that the system was the same one Phillips ran in Houston when Keo was there. Phillips wished Keo and his young son well, and Keo told Phillips to keep him in mind if another roster opening came around. The tweets are still online and are quite hilarious.

But on Wednesday, the story took a pretty amazing turn when Keo was actually signed by the Broncos. Keo had been out of football since early September.

Could Keo be starting a trend here? We've seen players camp outside the team's facility wearing signs, but this just seems so much cleaner and faster. Go right to the source. If nothing else, it proves that Wade Phillips is the best old man in the NFL on Twitter hands down.

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