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Broncos' Bradley Chubb aims 'to be back even better'

Bradley Chubb burst upon the NFL scene with ferocity, fury and, above all else, results.

With 12 sacks as a rookie, he announced his presence opposite Von Miller and delighted Broncos fans with thoughts of what could be in the seasons to come.

During his second campaign, Chubb and the Denver defensive shockingly struggled out of the gates under new coach Vic Fangio. But in Week 4, Chubb finally tallied his first sack of the season and then pop! Chubb finished the game against the Jaguars, but "seven years to the exact date" he tore his ACL in the same leg that he previously tore it in high school.

"That was my first injury," Chubb told reporters on Tuesday. "Like I said, it made me who I am today. I remember I was in the hospital bed, and I didn't know if I was going to get college offers and stuff like that and look where I am now. I can only imagine what this injury is going to do for me. I'm 23 years old. I'm still young, only in my second year, and so I'm just excited to get back and get into the rehab process. 2012 to now is 10 times different. I know I'm going to be back even better."

Young and noticeably upbeat, Chubb spoke of looking forward to the journey back to the field.

Everyone loves a comeback story, but it's still impressive to see Chubb fighting through the circumstances and putting forth a positive outlook.

Looking back on his first tear, he's using it to propel him forward rather than holding him back with worry that it could be a chronic problem.

"No concern at all," Chubb said. "I mean, it's seven years apart and I made it through my senior year in high school, made it all through college, played 16 games last year. So, I mean, reinjuring it is not going to be on my mind at all. I know the person that I am. I'm not a fearful person. I'm not going to be thinking of this and that while I'm playing the game."

In the aftermath of his injury, Chubb sought out family and eventually sought out Miller.

"I called Von and let him know that I was probably going to be down for the year just because I knew he went through the same thing in 2013 and his main message to me was, 'It's going to make you a better person, a better pro,'" Chubb said.

Though Miller has gone through the same injury, he obviously wasn't there when Chubb endured the hardship in his high school days. But Chubb believes he has the support system and most certainly the right outlook to not just come back, but to come back better than he's been in a thus-far 20-game career.

"For sure, it helps me know what mindset to have," Chubb said. "I knew who was there for me that first time. The same people are going to be there for me this time. I'm just excited, like I said, to go along this journey and have everybody right there with me."

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