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Brock Osweiler laughs off sideline helmet incident

Brock Osweiler found himself in the eye of the social media storm on Sunday.

The Denver Broncos were comfortably ahead of the Oakland Raiders when an excited Osweiler removed his baseball cap, grabbed his helmet and turned to run to the huddle. His grin disappeared when Peyton Manning jogged back to the huddle. CBS cameras captured the whole scene, complete with Osweiler raising his left arm in a "You gotta be kidding me" manner.

This is the part where it would be fun to write that Osweiler tore into Manning as a selfish teammate. But that's not the case. Osweiler understands being an understudy to a living legend comes with severe limitations in the playing time department.

"It's a good laugh now," Osweiler said Monday, according to The Associated Press. "There was just a little miscommunication: Am I going in? Am I not going in? But, no there's absolutely no hard feelings or anything like that. We're all just having a good laugh. It's funny that it got caught on tape."

Manning was in for one more play before Osweiler took over. Broncos coach John Fox took the blame for the mix-up.

"That was really on me," Fox said. "What happened was we were contemplating it. There were 40 seconds left in the third quarter. I heard something about him warming up and in my brain I didn't think Brock was warmed up yet. I said, 'Let Peyton finish this off and then we'll bring him out.' "

We wonder if Osweiler has any idea there's a good chance that Peyton Manning will never retire. It's something for the young QB to think about when his contract runs out after next season.

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