Britt's arrest could alter drafts for two teams

You have to wonder if Tuesday's arrest of wide receiver Kenny Britt will alter the Tennessee Titans' draft plans ... and perhaps disrupt those of at least one other team.

At No. 8, the Titans are well positioned to take a potential replacement for Britt. Although Georgia's A.J. Green -- widely regarded as the best receiver in the draft -- likely will be gone by then, Alabama's Julio Jones -- universally viewed as the second-rated player at a position that figures to have just two legitimate first-rounders -- very well could be there.

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Green is commonly seen as a top-five choice. Except for two quarterbacks, Auburn's Cam Newton and Missouri's Blaine Gabbert, the rest of the top 10 likely will be dominated by defensive players. That should create an opportunity for Jones to be available at No. 8.

And that's potentially bad news for the St. Louis Rams, who are believed to be counting on Jones to fall to them at No. 14. The Rams clearly need to add a big-play threat to take better advantage of the highly talented passing arm of Sam Bradford. But if they can't get Green or Jones, they probably would be reaching at No. 14 to take another receiver (such as Miami's Leonard Hankerson or Kentucky's Randall Cobb).

Before Britt was arrested Tuesday following a car chase in his hometown of Bayonne, N.J., the Titans appeared a virtual lock to address their desperate situation at quarterback. Maybe they still are, but that would depend on the right one (Gabbert?) being there. Even if he is, it still would seem to make a great deal of sense for the Titans to at least give strong consideration to going with a wide receiver.

New head coach Mike Munchak told NFL Network on Wednesday that the Titans won't alter their draft strategy based on Britt's arrest. "There's a chance, with nine picks, that we could add a receiver," Munchak said, "but it won't have anything to do with (Britt's situation)."

If Jones is the choice in the first round, he would provide an additional infusion of speed to a roster that already has one of the NFL's foremost speed burners in Chris Johnson, Tennessee's first-round pick in 2008.

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