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Bridgewater: Saints 'best opportunity for me to grow'

Teddy Bridgewater eschewed a chance to compete for a starting gig on a new team and decided to carry Drew Brees' bag for at least one more season.

Instead of signing with Miami where he might have competed with a younger QB in a rebuilding program, Bridgewater decided to re-re-up with the New Orleans Saints where he will act as insurance to a Super Bowl contender.

Bridgewater told Luke Johnson of The Times-Picayune during minicamp that returning to the Saints affords him the chance to improve.

"This is the best opportunity for me to grow as a player," Bridgewater said.

There are few opportunities in football as good as learning under the tutelage of Sean Payton and Drew Brees in terms of knowledge gained and image rehab.

And while he's currently more an insurance plan than starter, Bridgewater is playing the long game, believing eventually he'll get a chance to compete for a starting job.

"As a competitor you want to be out there starting and competing," Bridgewater said. "But I just sat back and I weighed my options and thought about what would be best for me.

"This is an opportunity for me to grow, continue to learn and expand my mental capacity as a football player."

Given that a few years ago his former coach, Mike Zimmer, openly questioned whether Bridgewater would ever play football again after a horrific knee injury, it's good to even discuss the mere chance that Teddy Two-Gloves might one day get the opportunity to earn a starting gig again.

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