Brian Hoyer a 'commander' and 'very underrated guy'

When a quarterback wins a competition in training camp, the subsequent days are typically filled with players talking about said quarterback like they knew he was going to win it all along.

So without further ado, here is your Houston Texans roundup on 2015 starting quarterback Brian Hoyer via The Houston Chronicle.

Wideout DeAndre Hopkins: "He's a commander. He's the chief of this offense, and he handles himself like that on and off the field. When he gets in the huddle, he's the leader. You would think he's been in this offense 10 years."

Wideout Nate Washington "Very underrated guy in the NFL. He's a guy that can convert the lessons in the classroom to the field, and that's major when you get in that guy in that position to be able to do that."

Wideout Cecil Shorts: "He's outstanding. He's the leader of the huddle, he knows the offense like the back of his hand. If we have any questions out there, he tells us what to do and the right direction. He's just awesome out there. He's a true leader, on and off the field.

There you have it.

Of course, this is exactly what players are supposed to say and kudos to the Texans for rallying around Hoyer, a quarterback that truly deserves another starting chance in the NFL.

While it may not seem like the ideal situation from the outside looking in, this exercise -- typically coated in hyperbole -- has a genuine feel to it.

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