Brett Favre was third choice in 'Something About Mary'

We've long professed our love for Brett Favre's cameo in the blockbuster 90s comedy There's Something About Mary. I mean, how can you not take immense joy out of a performance so gloriously wooden, Favre is unable to even walk in an authentic manner?

(Seriously, watch Favre approach Cameron Diaz from :04 to :06 mark of this video. He looks like an extra from March Of The Wooden Soldiers.)

It was one of the great NFL cameos ever, and on Wednesday's episode of The Rich Eisen Show -- available on NFL NOW -- Rich had Mary directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly in studio with Favre live via satellite from Wrangler Manor in Mississippi.

"Well first of all it was a long time ago, so my memory recall is not very good," Favre said of the 1998 film. "I just remember it being a lot of fun. It was something very different from what I'd been used to. If I ever felt like a rookie, this was the time. The guys were patient, very nice, enjoyed the crew. My wife and I went down, went out to dinner with the whole crew."

The Farrelly brothers revealed to Eisen that Favre was actually the third choice for the role. The directors -- who have New England roots -- originally casted then-Patriots star Drew Bledsoe, who had to drop out after an ugly mosh-pit incident at an Everclear concert. This is officially the most 90s Around The NFL post ever.

Steve Young was option No. 2 -- Mary even refers to him as her dream man in the film -- but Young politely declined citing the Mormon children who would flock to the R-rated comedy if he were in it.

They settled on Favre, who until Wednesday was unaware he was the third choice.

"Had I known that I would have never done it," he said with a smile.

As for Bledsoe, it's yet another case of what-might-have-been.

"It's one of my great regrets in life that I didn't take that part," he said. "I know the movie would've had a successful run had I been in it. Had I taken that part instead of Brett, we're talking Academy Awards and all those things."

Before Bledsoe got Brady'd, he was Fav-rah'd.

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