Brett Favre: Thanks for the memories

![ Who Is: A tribute to Favre](
Favre's former coaches and teammates Steve Mariucci, Sterling Sharpe, Mike Holmgren and Jon Gruden share their stories and experiences with the legendary quarterback.

![ Who Is: Favre to Women](
The leading ladies in Favre's life -- his wife, mother and two daughters -- share their personal feelings about Brett on and off the field.

![ Sabol's Shot: Favre's retirement](
NFL Films president Steve Sabol discusses the legacy and memories that Favre leaves behind after 17 NFL seasons.

![ Sabol's Shot: Favre's improv](
Inspired by Favre's underhanded flip to Donald Lee in the Packers' wild card win over Seattle, Steve Sabol looks back at the improviational skills that made Favre one of the best quarterbacks to watch.

![ Favre on Favre](
Brett Favre looks back at some humorous footage of himself mic'd up during games early on in his 17-year career.

![ Favre Forever: Early years](
A retrospective on Brett Favre's rise from high school quarterback to being drafted 33rd overall by the Atlanta Falcons in 1991.

![ Hasselbeck's favorite Favre moments](
Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck recalls his two-year tenure in Green Bay and shares his favorite stories about Brett Favre .

![ Mariucci on Favre's retirement, pt. 1](
Favre's former head coach Steve Mariucci reflects on Favre's career and comments on his retirement.
Mariucci, pt. 2 | Mariucci, pt. 3

![ Favre: 2007 SI Sportsman of the Year](
Steve Mariucci talks about attending the Sports Illustrated ceremony honoring Favre with the magazine's prestigious annual award.

![ Mariucci and Favre: 1-on-1](
Favre sits down with his former coach to talk about his love for the game in the midst of the Packer's 2007 season.

![ Driver: Favre is President of Wisconsin](
Packers wide receiver Donald Driver talks about the legacy Favre leaves in Green Bay, calling him 'The President in the state of Wisconsin.'

![ Favre turns 38](
The ageless Packers quarterback talks about how much he still enjoys playing football in his 17th NFL season at the age of 38.

![ Favre and the young Pack](
NFL Network's Rich Eisen catches up with the 17-year NFL quarterback, who explains what it is like to play with the youngest team in the NFL.

![ Strahan and Umenyiora on Favre](
Giants defensive ends Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora talk about the challenges Favre poses heading into their 2007 NFC Championship Game matchup with Green Bay.

![ Schefter on Favre](
As Favre looks to make history with his 421st career touchdown pass, NFL Network's Adam Schefter looks back at the Packers quarterback's first career touchdown.

![ Week 4 Sounds of the Game](
Exclusive inside access to the sights and sounds surrounding Favre's record-breaking 421st touchdown pass on Sept. 30, 2007 vs. the Minnesota Vikings.

![ Favre wired: TD record](
More sound from Favre throughout his touchdown record-setting performance vs. the Vikings in Week 4 of the 2007 season.

![ America's Game: Holmgren on working out Favre](
Mike Holmgren discusses his initial impressions of a young Favre, when the coach traveled to 'Ole Miss to watch him workout in person.

![ America's Game: Favre before Super Bowl XXXI.](
Favre on watching highlights of Joe Montana's audibles from Super Bowl XXIV. Favre went on to execute the same audibles in the Packers' 35-21 Super Bowl XXXI victory over the Patriots.

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