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Brett Favre believes Lambeau's cold weather will be beneficial

Brett Favre joined the NFL GameDay Morning crew to discuss the cold weather and how it will affect the Divisional Round showdown between the Cowboys and Packers.

"I would say in the cold, you're better off in conditions like today than if it was 85 degrees. Sometimes there is a benefit to not feeling every extremity in your body."

Favre knows all too well about playing in the cold weather. The future Hall of Fame quarterback is known for his stellar play in inclement conditions.

The weather at Lambeau Field will also be beneficial to Aaron Rodgers, Favre believes.

"I don't know a lot about Aaron's injury. But I do think the cold will aid in some types of injuries."

Packers fans hope that Green Bay's below freezing temperatures will aid the home team to a win on Sunday.

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