Brent Celek: LeSean McCoy's game in snow 'insane'

LeSean McCoy looked like he was the only man at Lincoln Financial Field wearing football cleats.

"It was insane," Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek said, per the Philadelphia Inquirer. "When you would stop, you wouldn't be touching the grass. The fact that (McCoy) was doing that, it's insane."

McCoy took over in the second half, earning 166 of his yards and twotouchdowns after the break.

"I think we all were learning to get our footing in the snow," guard Evan Mathissaid. "We started calling more downhill plays, inside zone runs that allowed the offensive line to keep their base, keep a downhill mentality. Same with the backs, allowing them to hit it. Then Shady was able to get to the second level and do his shifty stuff and make people miss."

What was McCoy doing? He was cutting, juking, stopping-and-starting and all but stealing the jocks of Detroit Lions defenders in a 34-20 win Sunday. The Eagles running back broke the team's rushing record with 217 yards. He did it in approximately eight inches of snow.

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The Eagles' offensive line opened up huge holes against a Detroit defensive front that looked like it was on skates the entire second half. The Lions' defense never could fully adjust to the inside zone, so the Eagles' offense continued to shove it down Detroit's throat in a 28-6 fourth-quarter beatdown.

We knew Chip Kelly's offense could perform in premium conditions; we learned it could churn out yards in blizzards as well. The latter characteristic could bode well for a playoff run and a Super Bowl that is being played in New Jersey in February.

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