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Brandon Weeden's fantasy stock steadily rising

With Michael Fabiano off this week, Marcas Grant comes off the bench to answer your questions in this week's Fantasy Mailbag.

Who has more fantasy upside? Standard scoring with two QBs starting -- Brandon Weeden or EJ Manual? - @7thSonFlanker (via Twitter)

Marcas Grant: Right now, the answer is Weeden. Both Cleveland and Buffalo figure to lean on their featured running backs, but the Browns have a better supporting cast in the passing game. Greg Little appears ready to take a step forward and Josh Gordon is a big play guy -- once he returns from his suspension, of course. Not to mention that Jordan Cameron is starting to turn some heads as a sleeper tight end. Add to it that Norv Turner's offense plays to Weeden's strengths and you'll see a lot of potential there.

I've got Cam Newton, who isn't looking too good right now. Am I in good shape or should I be looking for a replacement. - @headlinericky (via Twitter)

M.G.: I was half-expecting to see Adam Rank's beloved #FantasyOverreaction hashtag at the end of this tweet. Sure, Newton's struggled in the preseason, but I wouldn't freak out too much. Turnovers have always been his bugaboo and it's one the Panthers would certainly love for him to solve. Yet he was still the fourth-highest scoring player in all of fantasy last season -- and most considered him to be having a bad year. This season, he's in an offense in which he feels more comfortable and will have more free rein. Don't quit on him now.

With Richardson starting in STL, is it a good idea to drop Pead for a sleeper? - @Jawa_TPPC (via Twitter)

M.G.: It's a good thought, but I wouldn't do that just yet. Sure, Richardson might be the starter, but it's not likely that he'll be a 250-carry running back just yet. If anything he's a low-end No. 2 fantasy option for which you'll definitely need to draft a handcuff. Enter Isaiah Pead. If you didn't grab Richardson in your draft, see if you can trade him to an owner who does. That might be how you fill your itch for a fantasy sleeper.

Offered Alfred Morris and Vincent Jackson for Steven Jackson and Randall Cobb. Who would you rather have? - @ycorpse (via Twitter)

M.G.: That's a tough call, but I'd rather roll with Morris and V-Jax. As far as I'm concerned, you can't have too many quality running backs and Washington's second-year guy is a sure-fire No. 1 fantasy option at the position. It's hard to think he'll rush for 1,600 yards again this season, but he'll see plenty of chances to run the football. While Cobb is a better WR option than Vincent Jackson, the disparity probably won't be so wide that you'll kick yourself for making the deal.

Arian Foster or Adrian Peterson No. 1? Why? - @iStrumaTaylor (via Twitter)

M.G.: My answer has been the same all summer long. Adrian Peterson. Why? Because he's Adrian Peterson. Also because Arian Foster's injury situation is making me just a tad nervous. His recovery is taking longer than expected and with the high number of touches he's had in the past three seasons (no RB's had more), you have to wonder if he's due to break down.

Who do I keep in a PPR league? T.Y. Hilton that would cost me a 10th round pick, Hakeem Nicks would cost me a fourth, Antonio Brown a fifth. - @Bondsteel11 (via Twitter)

M.G.: Hilton is the way to go here. He's poised to break out this season having already spent a year working with Andrew Luck. The Colts offense should only get better and the young wideout should benefit. Chances are you can pick up Nicks and Brown in a re-draft ... possibly at a better value.

I have the fifth pick and C.J. Spiller as my keeper in a PPR league. Who should I take? - @DaReal_JoeSmith (via Twitter)

M.G.: It's hard to say without completely knowing who will still be on the board, but like I said above ... you can never have enough quality running backs. A guy like Matt Forte could be an attractive option near the top of your draft. Otherwise, target a high-volume receiver.

Our league uses a "team QB". In our league if a QB gets hurt or benched, you still get the backup's points. Thoughts? - @AzWoody3 (via Twitter)

M.G.: I think it's a little bit of a cop-out. Part of what makes fantasy football interesting is having to make the tough choices about who to start on any given week. I might be able to make an exception for injured quarterbacks, but having a safety net for a guy who just stinks it up? Not so much.

I have the number two pick in my keeper draft, do I draft Le'Veon Bell or Giovani Bernard? - @TyroneBallou (via Twitter)

M.G.: Bell was once the clear leader among fantasy rookie running backs, but injuries have brought him back to the pack. The rookie from Michigan State is likely to win the No. 1 gig in Pittsburgh at some point in his career. It might even happen this year. But with Bell recovering from a Lisfranc injury, your decision just became a lot easier. Keep in mind though that Bernard, while an intriguing prospect, is going to be playing second fiddle to BenJarvus Green-Ellis for the foreseeable future.

If you have a choice of where to pick in a 10-team standard league, where should I pick? - @FantasyPlayer12 (via Twitter)

M.G.: I like my draft position like I like my seat at the movies -- in the middle. Sure, the ends are nice in a snake draft, but you have to wait so long for the pick to come back to you that it can seriously alter your draft strategy. If you land somewhere between four and seven, you can get good value without having that interminable you-should-probably-just-go-make-a-sandwich wait.

Marcas Grant is's fantasy editor. Follow him on Twitter @MarcasG.

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