Brandon Meriweather: You've got to tear players' ACLs

Brandon Meriweather was back at the team's facility Monday after being suspended one game for illegal hits to the helmet. And the Washington Redskins safety says he's learned some important lessons.

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"To be honest, man, you've just got to go low now, man," Meriweather said, via Zac Boyer of The Washington Times. "You've got to end people's careers, you know? You've got to tear people's ACLs and mess up people's knees now. You can't hit them high no more. You've just got to go low."

Yeah, that's probably not the wording the NFL used in its letter to Meriweather explaining why he was suspended for his repeated hits to the head. Meriweather also took exception to Brandon Marshall's comments that the league kick Meriweather out.

"He feel like I need to be kicked out of the league? I feel like people who beat their girlfriends should be kicked out, too," Meriweather said. "You tell me who you'd rather have: Somebody who play aggressive on the field, or somebody who beat up their girlfriend?"

Meriweather is referring to a civil suit filed a few years ago by Marshall's former girlfriend, which accused him of abusing her. The case was dismissed, and Marshall was cleared of any wrongdoing.

UPDATE: When asked about Meriweather's comments Monday, Marshall said, "I have no response to that. I'm praying for that guy," per ESPN Chicago.

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