Brandon Marshall: My only regret is door wasn't closed

Following yet another disappointing loss, Brandon Marshall let his Bears teammates know exactly how he was feeling.

He was tired of his team underperforming -- particularly the offense, which put up just 14 points Sunday.

Marshall doesn't regret a word he said, but he is sorry that the media heard his harsh words.

"Oh, absolutely my voice was heard," the Chicago receiver said on Inside The NFL on Tuesday. "The only thing I regret is that the door wasn't closed, you know, but I wouldn't change any of my reaction because it came from my heart, and that's how I felt, that's how I still feel. I think that we have all the coaches we need, I think we have all the players that we need to get that job done. And 3-4 is unacceptable, but we have everything that we need to turn this ship right now."

During his rant, Marshall rattled off some of the team's collection of offensive talent but didn't include Jay Cutler. Marshall says there was no intent there, nothing to read into.

"But at the end I said Jay Cutler's our leader, he's our guy, he's a gunslinger," Marshall said. "Jay Cutler makes this thing go. This guy, he's the first one there, he puts in the work. What he knows and what he does for us is unbelievable."

"... Listen, I have a really nice condo. And guess what? Jay Cutler built that condo," Marshall added. "We're great, we're great. But you know, we're like brothers. I think coach (Marc) Trestman said it the best, you know, but if I have a problem with Jay Cutler I'm gonna go to Jay Cutler. If Jay Cutler has a problem with me, he's going to come to me. We have that type of relationship."

Marshall and Cutler are known as good friends off the field and have produced a nice connection on the field in Chicago. Cutler has been criticized for inconsistent play, but Marshall instilled confidence in his QB's leadership ability, saying he handles things "in-house."

The Bears will try to get it together Sunday when they visit the Patriots in Foxborough. If the offense fails to show up again, the noise in the locker room is sure to grow louder.

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