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Brandon Marshall: Bears need some 'Kumbaya'

Brandon Marshall hasn't had the best month in Chicago.

On Tuesday night's Inside the NFL, the Bears wideout detailed what happened when he went to the hospital for a pair of broken ribs that ended his season. The visit alone sounded gruesome.

"The bad part was when we got to the hospital and they told me they couldn't put me under because I had a Gatorade," Marshall said. "So they cut me open and shoved a tube in my chest, and that was the worst thing I've ever been through. That was a pretty neat experience."

But it seems like Marshall is even more upset about the lingering disappointment surrounding his 2014 season. Inside the locker room, the team vowed not to let any outside distractions tear them apart.

Of course, Marshall and his teammates spent last week listening to their offensive coordinator admit that he was an anonymous source who bashed quarterback Jay Cutler in a chat with NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport.

"This is just part of our season right now and it's sad," Marshall said. "You don't want this to happen, it can't happen, but we're all so frustrated. Sometimes people do things and say things that they regret, I think this is one of those things for Kromer. Unfortunately, it's at the hand of Jay Cutler taking a nice little lashing and our team now, but we all have our relationships with guys outside of our building ... we talk to our wives, our friends, even the mailman sometimes. If you get too emotional, you say the wrong things, unfortunately it can get back to the wrong person or right person."

His solution was simple, but based on '14, it might be easier said than done.

"We really have to gel together and really try to do some Kumbaya in the offseason," he said.

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