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Brandon Flowers: Cornerback position is just as vital

Vince Lombardi famously bemoaned that football would be the perfect team game if the quarterback wasn't so overwhelmingly essential to winning.

In today's NFL, Brandon Flowers would like to add cornerback to that list of vital positions.

"The cornerback is just as valuable as a quarterback, right now," Flowers said Thursday on NFL Network's NFL AM. "Teams are not running the ball even when they hand the ball off, they're in a spread offense ... You can never have too many cornerbacks. If you have a No. 1 cornerback that can play, you always have a chance (just like when you have a talented quarterback)."

While the first sentence is a comic oversimplification and patently untrue, it shouldn't be viewed as that much of a shock coming from a soon-to-be free-agent corner.

The more cornerbacks are viewed as vital the more money Flowers can make. It's true, his position is certainly making a leap in importance, as displayed by the recent massive contracts given to corners last offseason.

Flowers said he is "hoping" to remain with the San Diego Chargers and isn't stressing about hitting the open market.

"To me, it's very enjoyable because San Diego is a place that I love, since day one," he said. "...With a quarterback like Philip Rivers, you always have a chance."

Well isn't that interesting, a cornerback evoking the quarterback as the reason to sign with a team.

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