Brandon Browner: SB winner has NFL's best secondary

New England Patriots corner Brandon Browner will play in the Super Bowl this year after missing last year's bout due to suspension. Facing his former Seattle Seahawks teammates in the biggest game of his career only adds to the intrigue.

"It means a lot," Browner said this week, per The News Tribune. "I missed the one last year. I'm fortunate to be back in that thing the following year with a good football team. And the bond that I've built with these guys is like the bond that I built with them guys (in Seattle) for the last three years. It's a good feeling."

While many friends remain in Seattle, once Idina Menzel is finished singing the National Anthem, it's game on for Browner, a former Legion of Boom stalwart.

"Those are like my brothers over there," he said. "Those are my best friends over there. But I'm trying to win. I'm headhunting."

Browner said his knowledge of the Seahawks' offense will only minimally aid the Patriots in game planning, adding that Seattle knows his weaknesses as well.

As for the season-long discussion as to who has the better secondary -- the Patriots with Darrelle Revis, Browner and Devin McCourty or the Richard Sherman-Earl Thomas-led Legion of Boom -- Browner said whoever wins Super Bowl XLIX can claim the top spot.

"Whoever win that game," he said. "Right or wrong? What you think? Whoever win that game, we have bragging rights."

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