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Brady's coach sees similarities between Tebow and Pats QB

Just about everyone with an opinion on how the quarterback position should be played has been asked, at some point, to weigh in on Tim Tebow and his unconventional throwing mechanics.

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Despite having plenty to talk about regarding his relationship with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his own quest for a kidney transplant, Tom Martinez, Brady's longtime personal quarterback coach, could not escape Tebowmania during a Friday radio interview with WQXI-AM in Atlanta.

Martinez initially used the topic of Tebow as an opportunity to compare the desire of the two quarterbacks to succeed. Brady, of course, will be starting in his fifth Super Bowl on Feb. 5. But the conversation slid to Tebow.

"I think Tim Tebow is willing to do anything that people tell him to do," Martinez said, via "He's like Brady in the sense that he's an internal warrior. I think when he started in the NFL, whoever they put him with, I personally kind of disagree with the mechanics he was given. He's trying to prove the same thing Brady was trying to prove."

Martinez then was asked how long it would take to straighten out Tebow's mechanics. Given his success tutoring Brady over the years, Martinez expressed confidence in his ability to make Tebow more Brady-like in the pocket.

"Two weeks," Martinez said. "I could give him what I call correct mechanics in two weeks."

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